About The Ministry

The Ministry of Youth Sports was established on 20th Feb, 2000 to represent and address youth and sports concerns in Somaliland. This was found necessary against the backdrop that despite the numerical strength of young people, they are not well represented in the national, political, socioeconomic and development processes.
The Ministry of Youth & Sports (Somali: Wasaaradda Ciyaraaha & Dhallinyarada Somaliland) (Arabic: وزارة الشباب والرياضة‎) is a Somaliland government ministry that is in charge of regulating activities related to sports and youth development in Somaliland. The current minister is Yusuf Mire Mohamed

In 2011, the ministry held its first major tournament, a Multi-sport event between the regions of the country called Somaliland Regional Games atAlamzey Stadium in Burao.


The Ministry of Youth, Sports (MOYS) envisions enhancing the national consciousness of the youth through effective mobilization, empowerment, education and training. It also envisions enhancing sports through development of friendly spaces and sport facilities.


The creation of an enabling environment for effective development of the youth sector through policy formulation, co-ordination, innovation and technology.

To encourage youth and sports to be creative & industrious and internationally competent; and empower the youth to participate widely and consciously in the National development plans.

Code Values

       Performance excellence
       Respect for diversity

Ministers of Youth and Sports
  • Cabdirashiid X.Ducaale Qambi 10 september 2021
  • Yusuf Mire Mohamed, 14 December 2017 – 14 December 2017 10 september 2021
  • Abdirisaq Waberi Roble, 12 December 2016 - 14 December 2017
  • Abdillahi Farah Maidane, - 12 December 2016
  • Mohamoud Said Mohamed
  • Mohmed Hashi Madar
  • Abdi Said Fahiye
  • Ali Said Raygal
  • Ahmed Abdi Kahin