Department of Sport


To organize, promote and develop sports in the province.
To arrange training and coaching programs.
To ensure mass participation in sports and games by organizing sports competitions/tournaments in the province.

  • Promotion of Somaliland sports
  • Competition
  • Stadium and facilities
  • Training and coaching
  • Sports policies and regulations
  • Coordination of Portland sports activities
  • The Sporting Director is the custodian of Cabdirashiid Caydiid Yasin
  • The club’s sporting performance and one would expect a number of skills and capabilities. That said, the Sporting Directors we see can be described in different ways. There is ‘roughly’ six ways to becoming a Sporting Director:
    • Talent identification background – able to identify talent (and potential).
    • Recruitment background – able to negotiate deals.
    • Intermediary or agent background – able to work towards the above.
    • Coaching and /or talent development background – able to develop players from Academy to 1st team (i.e. they have been on the ‘grasses).
    • Legal and / or operation background – able to complete complex contract deals and organize the operations and environments.
    • Performance background (i.e., sport science or data analytics) – able to bring a competitive edge on the pitch.
  • Any iteration of these may include players or non-players, yet, being a player is not a determining factor of success in the role.
  • Ultimately, there are multiple pathways into the position and there is a number of factors that likely help. These include:
    • Football industry knowledge
    • Business and financial acumen
    • Ability to lead and develop a high performance culture
    • Ability to develop and deliver a strategy both strategically and operationally
    • Understanding of – and the ability to deliver – good governance
    • Ability to manage change and innovation
    • Ability to manage research (monitor and evaluate) on relevant performance measures