Ministry of Youth & Sports (MOYS)is dedicated to mobilizing and empowering young people in Somaliland. It is made up of young people, local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), associations, community organizations, student committees in universities, educational institutes, colleges and secondary schools.

SONYO Umbrella is committed to the advocacy, development, capacity-building, mobilization and coordination of Somaliland's young people and community, and plays a role in the political, economic and social development of Somaliland. Its thematic programmers address HIV and AIDS, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) eradication, the promotion and protection of human rights, non-formal education such as sports and culture, and environmental issues

Ministry of Youth & Sports envisions:

a democratic and peaceful country that upholds basic freedom and human rights, enabling its youth to live to its full potential, free from hunger, illiteracy, and disease, as well as from discrimination based on traditional socio-cultural biases, and political marginalization; a society that gives considerable thought and resources to the development of the youth regardless of gender so as to make them educated, skilled, and responsible citizens capable of realizing their full potential; and a society free from drug use, HIV/AIDS, STD’s, and FGM.

Ministry of Youth & Sports works across various areas related to youth and their wellbeing. Specific programmers include:

               1.Capacity building and youth empowerment
               2.Human rights advocacy
               3.Protection and youth dialogue for peace and good governance
               4.Poverty reduction as Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) achievement tool
               5.Education and health
               6.Volunteerism and youth employment initiatives
               7.Sports and athletic activities